We have free sample policy, but the shipping cost of the sample will have a little cost:

Free Stock Sample

If you need the products on our website, we can send you the stock directly. this is free sample, If you have DHL, Fedex account we can use your own account send to you.  If not have account, it will have a little express cost.  not expensive but DHL or Fedex UPS, within 1KG also need around 15~25USD  to most country.

Sample: need 7days via express

Custom Faucet charge

If you need a custom faucet, then we need a proofing time, usually 7 days. Customized products require detailed design drafts, and the design drafts should include LOGO, dimensions, materials, etc.so that the factory can accurately proof.
Customized products will be charged a proofing fee. After you are satisfied with the sample and place an order, we will deduct the proofing fee from the order amount.

-Custom sample need 7~10days

-Express need: 7days

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