Notices for Wholesale Purchase of Water Faucets

We can start from the faucet’s appearance, style, and material. If it is a faucet agent to join depends on which faucet manufacturer. When selecting, the qualified standards are bright without bubbles, defects, and scratches. When selecting, press the surface of the faucet with your finger, and the fingerprint of the faucet made by a good faucet manufacturer will disperse quickly, indicating that the coating is good, and the more the fingerprint is printed, the worse it will be. At present, the faucets on the market are generally divided into two styles: single-handle faucets and double-handle faucets. Single-handle faucets only use one hole, while double-handle faucets can be divided into four-inch and eight-inch holes, which can be determined by the style of purchasing table basins.

When purchasing, it is better to buy the whole set. Some of the later periods of the province do not conform. The mixing faucets of regular faucet manufacturers have installation dimension drawings and operation instructions when they leave the factory, and attention should be paid to the selection. Imports should be more careful. After choosing the style, we also need to know the faucet’s manufacturing materials, and the faucet with ceramic spool feels more comfortable and smooth. The faucet is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel has acid and alkali resistance and does not release harmful substances.

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