Product Name: Hot kitchen water faucet
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Black,white,golden and brass color…(It depends on what color you want.)
Place of Origin: Ningbo
Style: Contemporary
Packing: 10-12pcs/carton
Place: China
Delivery Time: 15-35 days after deposit confirmed
MOQ: 50 pcs

Green environmental protection,Smooth and beautiful appearance, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, hard and smooth touch,Easy to clean


Installation-free, connected to the original tap outlet, save time, labor and more worry. Built-in water flow sensor, using water flow sensing technology, even low water pressure can start heating. Separation design of water and electricity, isolation of current conduction, water path, circuit, safe and worry-free. Infinite hot water, universal in all seasons, saving electricity and energy.

Electric hot water faucet (also known as hot water faucet or fast hot water faucet), including the main body of the faucet and water flow control switch, the main body of the faucet is equipped with heating chamber and electrical control chamber, separated by sealing plate, electric control chamber is equipped with heating circuit, heating chamber is equipped with heating tube, heating tube power is generally 2-3 KW, 3-5 seconds can heat out hot water, heating tube is connected to the heating circuit. The utility model is characterized in that the heating pipe is an insulating heating pipe, the insulating heating pipe is an insulating heating pipe of water and electricity, the main body of the tap is mostly a high temperature resistant engineering plastic type, and a few are all metal type, and the control chamber of the electric appliance is provided with an insulating water pressure switch. The heating circuit is equipped with an electrical switch, which is connected with the end of the insulated water pressure switch. The water and electricity are switched on and off. The temperature controller and the anti-dry-burning device are installed in the heating circuit, and the leakage protection switch is also provided.

Electric and hot water faucet products are fast (3-5 seconds hot water); convenient (without special installation, instant heating, cold and hot dual-use, temperature and flow adjustable); safe (water-free automatic power cut, water and electricity separation settings); energy-saving and environmental protection (water saving, electricity saving, pollution-free); beautiful (fashionable design, home decoration); compact (not occupying space); multifunctional (magnetization, purification); economical (compared with water heater or other electricity). The heating device is a necessary kitchen and sanitary appliances for modern family life.