Wholesale Plastic Faucet for Sanitary Wares


Product Name: Wholesale Plastic Faucet for Sanitary Wares
Material: Plastic
Color: White,blue,pink,green color…(It depends on what color you want.)
Place of Origin: Ningbo
Style: Contemporary
Packing: 10-12pcs/carton
Place: China
Delivery Time: 15-35 days after deposit confirmed
MOQ: 50 pcs

Small and compact, with corrosion resistance, rust-free, non-toxic, tasteless, high pressure resistance, light weight, simple construction


Simple and generous, durable. Removable inlet pipe connector, removable washer inlet pipe connector, universal outlet unique anti-drop design, suitable for most washing machines, can be freely disassembled and cleaned. ABS plastic body, one-piece forming, durable, non-leakage, washing machine joints, using special barge treatment, closely with the washing machine, not easy to leak.

Faucet Packaging:

Technological Process: