Attention should be paid to appearance and style when choosing faucets

When choosing, the qualified standards are bright without bubbles, defects, and scratches. Usually, the faucet only needs 10 microns of coating, the intention is to prevent rust, beautiful, ensure the service life. Some experts leak, when choosing to press the faucet appearance with their fingers, fingerprints quickly disperse, clarifying the coating is good; fingerprints print more and more poorly. After the appearance is selected, you should also taste the feel of the tap. Whether the switch is smooth or not, it can adjust the water temperature without disorder if the switch fluctuates from top to bottom. Usually, it reaches 30 degrees from top to bottom, and 90 degrees from top to bottom is the best. But one thing to be careful about is that a light tap does not mean a good feel.

Style: At present, stainless steel faucets on the market are usually divided into two types: single-handle faucet and double-handle faucet. Single-handle faucet only uses one hole, while double-handle can be divided into four-inch and eight-inch holes, which can be determined by the style of purchasing table basin. Face basin faucet and kitchen faucet are usually installed on the table, so its intake pipe can be hard pipe and hose, the length is usually about 35 centimeters.

In order to facilitate the connection, a valve must be installed at the joint of the domestic water pipe and the intake pipe of the faucet. This valve is called a triangular valve. Do not forget to match together when purchasing the faucet, or you will have to run again.

Secondly, and triangular valves have different standards, depending on the standard of the tap intake pipe you buy, usually three and four points. In addition, we should pay attention to the installation of triangular valves when not too low, to avoid the tap intake pipe not long enough to connect, and the formation of unnecessary trouble, usually installed in about 50 to 60 centimeters from the ground.

Moreover, if you buy a tap, you must not forget to count the spare parts. Otherwise, it will be more troublesome to take it back and install it. Usually, the fittings of the faucet of the basin mainly include dewatering, pull rod and fixing screw of the faucet. Bolts and fixed copper sheets, gaskets; bathtub faucets also have flower sprinklers, two water intake hoses, brackets, and other standard accessories.

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