THG Faucet manufacturer have Have a complete after-sales service, including quality issues, transportation issues, packaging damage and more.
In order to strengthen the effective management of returned products, shorten the processing cycle and make timely improvement measures to avoid unnecessary waste, a special return and exchange system is formulated.

Scope of application
This system is applicable to the processing of returned products of company customers. Return and exchange products caused by product quality, damage to the product due to poor protection during the transportation process, and near-expiration date.

Product return standard, matters
1. Once the product is sold, non-quality problems will not be returned. Non-quality reasons for return and exchange must be approved by the general manager. Otherwise, the return is regarded as an invalid return, and the finance will not be settled.
2. Special circumstances, such as newly listed products, after receiving the product, due to poor sales of the product itself, it can be within three months (package is intact, not put into use, no unpacking, does not affect the second sale The cost of the in-transit is the responsibility of the customer.
3. Products with quality problems at the factory, contact the regional manager for return within one week of receipt.
4. Reasons for transportation: Due to the damage of the outer packaging carton during transportation, resulting in product extrusion deformation, serious liquid leakage, damage, (the receipt of the goods within one week) the first time to notify the responsible person in the area, confirm and negotiate the return.
5. Indicate the reason for the return, attach the return list, and obtain confirmation from the company.
6. In order to reduce the transportation cost, please pay the return shipping cost when the customer returns the goods.

1. Non-quality problems;
2. Improper storage of the product affects the appearance of the use, and abnormal use causes quality problems;
3. If the company has not contacted the company or exceeded the specified time before returning the goods, if returned, it will be returned as invalid.
4. Return the goods to the outer packaging or other product attachments are incomplete or damaged, such as return and return according to invalid;
5. Due to the customer’s own reasons, such as the order, the product’s packaging, specifications, use, error order, etc. are not detailed.

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