How to Choose and Purchase High-Quality Faucets

Now the quality of faucets on the market is uneven and there are many brands. As an ordinary consumer, how to distinguish the quality of faucets? How to judge whether the faucets are of good quality in the process from the manufacturer of faucets to the wholesale of faucets or from the agent of faucets? Now I will teach you a few ways to choose a good faucet. 1. Look at the spool: the spool is the heart of the tap, and the ceramic spool is the best spool.

Ceramic valve cores are used in all products with good quality, which have the characteristics of strong wear resistance and good sealing. They can be used more than 300,000 times in general. Low-grade products mostly use copper and rubber seals, which have short service life but low price #39. 2. Look at the weight. All brass faucets must be very heavy. Why choose brass faucets? Because brass taps can inhibit E. coli in water, brass taps must be used, and brass taps are usually very heavy.

So it also depends on whether the faucet manufacturer uses brass to make the faucet. 3. Look at the appearance, the appearance should look good, good faucet plating surface treatment without polishing silk lines, bright can be used as a mirror, feel lubrication, some faucet wholesalers may say that the faucet plated several layers, in fact, only two layers of plating, one layer of nickel, one layer of chromium plating. 4. Turn the handle to see if it’s light and not laborious. 5. Choose a good brand. Pay attention to which faucet manufacturer the faucet wholesale or faucet agent to join. Buy bathroom products must choose large brands because the bathroom is durable consumer goods, can be used for up to five years at a time, so we must buy large brands of products so that no matter the composition of the material or quality are reliable. 6. After sale. The after-sales service of products is very important.

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