Main function of electric faucet

1. Electric hot water faucet products have fast (3-5 seconds hot water); convenient (no need to install, hot, hot and cold, adjustable temperature flow); safe (no water automatic power off, water and electricity separation) Setting); energy saving and environmental protection (saving water and electricity, no pollution); beautiful (fashion design, home decoration); compact (no space); multi-function (magnetization, purification); economical (compared to water heaters or other electricity) Features such as heating device) are essential kitchen and bathroom appliances for modern family life.

2. Electric faucet products are kitchen and bathroom appliances designed for kitchens/washrooms that cannot be heated normally. They are the most convenient for kitchen washing, washing dishes, cleaning, bathroom washing, washing, washing, washing, etc. Good choice. It solves the daily needs of hot water in family life and public places, making it easy for your family to use hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

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