Precautions for the use of electric faucets

1. First use should pay attention to
When installing the hot water faucet for the first time, if it is a side-inlet electric faucet, it is recommended to use a toothbrush to clean the iron pipe, and then use the pressure of the tap water to discharge the dirt inside the water pipe, so that the filter inside the electric faucet is not Easy to block (the filter can be easily and repeatedly cleaned). After installing the electric faucet, first adjust the handle to the “cold water” position, then open the main valve, and see that water is sprayed from the hot water and then plugged in the power supply for heating. The subsequent process does not need to consider the above process, and it is not necessary to unplug it. The power cord is used for the first time in order to prevent the dry limiter from being powered off and entering the protection state.

2. Clean three steps
First of all: Do not wipe the surface of the hot faucet directly with a wet towel. Wipe it with a dry soft cotton cloth. Second: Do not let the instant faucet touch the acid-base liquid. Because acidic solid materials are easily reacted with the paint on the surface of the instant faucet, it is also easy to react with the metal protected by the paint, which gradually erodes the instant faucet and contaminates the cleanliness of the water flowing from the faucet. Contaminated water can cause harm to our bodies whether used for bathing or drinking.
Again: Do not wipe the hot tap with a burred item. We all know that the surface of the hot faucet or the place where it is in contact with the water pipe is not completely smooth, or the sky is seamlessly combined, there will always be some rough places, if using a burr towel to wipe It is very easy to leave the hair on the instant faucet. In addition to being unsightly, it will rot on it in the future. With the action of water, the hair will gradually decompose and the decomposed material will corrode. Faucet.

3. Maintenance two steps
First, it is best not to touch directly with your hands, because the oil on your hands can easily get on the surface of the hot faucet, which is not easy to clean and affects the finish.
Secondly, the car wax can be sprayed on the surface of the instant faucet for 3-5 minutes, and the brightness of the instant faucet can be maintained. At the same time, the metal on the surface of the hot faucet is protected, and the oxidation reaction of the air is avoided too quickly. And rusting.

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