Under what circumstances will the plastic faucet burst?

The plastic faucet is not properly used. Many consumers in the installation of faucets, may not grasp the strength, making the original “unqualified” faucets even worse. In addition to the faucet used in the washbasin, shower showers also have a very important detail that is often overlooked. Many people like to roll a shower hose on the tap after taking a bath. This often reduces the life of the hose and becomes the hidden danger of the breakage of the hose. Plastic faucets are not of good quality. Low-quality faucet manufacturers often use jerry-built raw materials, but some mixed materials, so the faucet produced hardness is not enough. In the later stage of installation and use, damage to the faucet, coupled with changes in water pressure, it is very easy to cause the faucet to burst and disconnect.

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