Better faucet for home

At present, the common faucet materials on the market are: iron carbon alloy, PVC material, zinc alloy, ceramic, copper.

1. Iron-carbon alloy: It has been banned by the state. Excellent: The product is cheap; Inferior: The product is easy to oxidize and rust, causing great pollution to water;

2, PVC material: transitional supplies for construction and decoration projects Excellent: simple process, cheaper cost; inferior: not strong, not durable;

3, zinc alloy: internal welding, lead-containing rust Excellent: cheap, easy to mass production; Inferior: poor toughness, prone to cracks, short life;

4, ceramic: excellent: generous appearance, rich colors; inferior: not durable, the process is not mature;

5, copper: excellent: rich in shape, has a certain bactericidal effect: high cost, market chaos, most of the faucets in the market are copper, on the one hand because copper has good machinability, fluidity and formability, and After electroplating, it is beautiful and generous. On the other hand, copper ions have a bactericidal effect, making it the most suitable “water” carrier.

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