New Fast Hot Water Faucet


Product Name: New Fast Hot Water Faucet
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Black,white,golden and brass color…(It depends on what color you want.)
Place of Origin: Ningbo
Style: Contemporary
Packing: 10-12pcs/carton
Place: China
Delivery Time: 15-35 days after deposit confirmed
MOQ: 50 pcs

Wear resistance and corrosion resistance, hard and smooth touch


Electric hot water tap products are small household appliances designed for kitchen/bathroom which can not normally heat. They are the best choice for kitchen dishwashing, dishwashing, cleaning, bathroom washing, face washing, shampoo, laundry and other hot water convenient to use. It solves the daily demand for hot water in family life and public places, and makes it convenient for your family to use hot water 24 hours a day for 365 days.

High-grade electroplating fashion luxury: Humanized kitchen and toilet design, classic elegant, highlighting the beauty, highlighting extraordinary.

Hot water is available at any time: easy to open, 5 seconds is hot, 24 hours a day continuously, want to use.

Cold and hot dual-purpose convenient and fast: water temperature adjusts freely with you, water pressure spraying type, balanced and powerful outlet water, hot water is more convenient and warmer.

A water tap made of stainless steel is a kind of healthy material, which does not contain lead, and is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant and does not release harmful substances. It can ensure human health and hygiene. Stainless steel faucets are safe, lead-free, corrosion-free and exudate-free, without odor or turbidity problems. It will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality, keep the water clean and sanitary, and ensure the sanitary safety completely.