How to repair broken faucet?

1. First, we can change the faucet for a faucet. If the gasket is still dripping after the replacement, then it proves that there is a problem with the faucet seat, and then we can start the corresponding treatment. The first thing we have to do is to use The wrench is inserted into the seat and then pulled in the reverse direction. After we removed the old seat, we installed a new seat.

2. If we are using a push-type faucet, what we need to do after the faucet is broken is to find some tools to press the faucet. These tools are screwdrivers, lubricants and pliers. Once we are ready, we can start repairing. The first thing we have to do is turn off the water supply and then use the tool to remove the handle from the faucet. Then remove the fixed screw and replace it with a brand new washer. We reinstalled the various components of the new faucet. After installation, it can be used normally.

3. If there is a problem with the sealing ring of the faucet, we can solve it by the following method. First of all, we should make sure that the filling nut of the faucet is tight, but we should pay attention not to scrape the nut with a wrench when using it. hurt. Then you can remove the seal of the faucet and replace the new seal.

4. If there is a problem with the O-ring of the faucet, then we can replace it directly. The specific operation steps are to prepare the adjustable wrench, the water pipe joint tape, and the replaced O-shaped materials. The first thing to do is to turn off the water supply, then turn it counterclockwise, and then remove the nipple’s threaded coupling nut.

5. The faucet generally leaks due to the wear of its shaft gasket, so we say that in the case of water leakage, it is only necessary to use pliers to loosen and remove the gland. After removing it, you can use it with a new shaft gasket.

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