Sensor faucet precautions

1. Do not wipe the surface of the faucet directly with a wet towel;
2. Do not wipe the faucet with burred items;
3. Do not let the tap touch the acid-base liquid;
4. Don’t put the faucet directly on the hard object (especially when showing it to customers, don’t put it directly on our desk, and feel that your product is not upscale);
5. Wipe with a dry soft cotton cloth.
1. Usually, the car wax can be sprayed on the surface of the faucet for 3-5 minutes and then wiped to maintain the brightness of the faucet sample;
2. It is best not to touch it directly with your hands, because it is easy to get on the surface of the faucet with oil on your hands, it is not easy to clean and affect the finish;
3. Always change the position of the faucet sample;
4. The faucet samples are often exchanged, and the following two methods can be used:
A. Transfer the lead samples sold to the new box and take them away;
B. Exchange the sample with the company’s goods, and the company’s delivery personnel will send the samples to the consumer’s home for installation.
What problems should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the sensor faucet?
Answer: 1. Always wipe the appearance of the product with a clean and soft cloth.
2. Avoid using chemicals with strong acidity and alkalinity when avoiding.
3. Eliminate the use of metal wire balls or nylon balls to wipe the plated parts and plastic parts.
4. Eliminate the scratching and scratching of the surface of the product by hard materials.
5. Eliminate water and directly rinse the product.
6. Keep the underside of the countertop dry to prevent it from being wet for a long time.
7. For DC series products, even if the induction lamp keeps flashing, even if the battery is replaced.
8. Regularly clean the filter to prevent blockage and affect normal use.

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