What kind of faucet does the kitchen use?

Kitchen faucets are generally made of brass, which is the most common pure copper faucet on the market. However, due to the characteristics of the kitchen environment, pure copper faucets are not necessarily the best choice. All pure copper taps are electroplated on the outer layer. The function of electroplating is to prevent Brass Corrosion and rust inside. The kitchen fume is very large, plus greasy hands and cleanser when washing dishes, will often need to clean the faucet.

If the faucet is not cleaned in the right way, it is likely to destroy the electroplating of the faucet and cause the faucet to be corroded and rusted. If you want to choose a copper kitchen faucet, you must make sure that there are excellent electroplating, otherwise, it is easy to cause rust and corrosion of the faucet. Compared with pure copper faucets, the faucets made of high-quality 304 stainless steel have the characteristics of no lead, acid, alkali, corrosion, release of harmful substances and pollution of tap water. Moreover, the stainless steel faucets do not need electroplating, are extremely rusty-prone, hardness and toughness are more than two times higher than copper products, so it is very convenient to clean. However, due to the high difficulty of stainless steel processing, the current high-quality stainless steel faucets are usually relatively expensive.

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