Cautions for Faucet Selection and Installation

Details of toilet and kitchen decoration can best reflect the level of decoration, which seems to be the most insignificant hardware can explain the situation. Many household decoration owners know this method, the acceptance of the focus on the kitchen and bathroom, more and more attention to the choice of brand sanitary ware, faucets and other hardware sanitary fittings are increasingly demanding. Buy in brand stores: Choose faucet products, in addition to the brand, reputation, style, but also pay attention to distinguish the authenticity of brand products.

Now the products on the market are mixed, and the Shanzhai manufacturers are keen on imitating foreign famous brands. When consumers buy, they should go to the manufacturers direct-selling stores to buy. It is inevitable that the quality problems of aquatic products and even fake and inferior products will occur. In addition, when choosing and purchasing, we can also pay more attention to the details of the products. Generally speaking, low-quality counterfeit products will do rougher when the details are convenient. Selection of copper faucets: copper itself has sterilization function, high-quality faucets using copper casting.

Many small manufacturers of miscellaneous brands will use zinc alloy or plastic instead of copper in order to save costs, so they should pay special attention when choosing and purchasing. In addition, many manufacturers products have their own special design and functions. Before installing and using, they should clearly understand these details, so as to avoid using misunderstandings and give full play to the functional advantages of tap products. Inspection of packaging accessories: Generally speaking, high-grade faucets are equipped with installation dimension drawings and instructions when they leave the factory.

Before installation and use, they should open the commodity packaging inspection certificate and so on, in order to guard against three water-free faucet products. Generally speaking, the fittings of the faucet are 1. a complete set of fixed bolts and fixed copper sheets and gaskets; 2. a complete set of basin lifter; 3. two intake pipes. If the tap is a foreign trade product, it is more important to know whether it is suitable for the domestic environment when purchasing it.

Test the handle of the faucet: In the process of selecting and purchasing, we should also test the handle when the faucet handle is moved, and pull the handle from left to right. The opening and closing should be light and comfortable, with a slightly uniform and gentle sense of blockade. Next, the plating surface should be checked to be bright, free of bubbles, mottles, and scratches. Re-installation of sand removal impurities: Assuming that your tap is used in a new building, because the water supply network is newly laid in the water will certainly have sand and other impurities, water should be drained for a long time before installation until the water quality becomes clear before installation, so as to avoid sand damage to the precision ceramic valve core. During installation, one end of the two intake pipes are installed on the faucet and the other end is connected with two cold and hot angle valves or directly on two cold and hot 5-minute connections. The dewatered should be installed at the bottom of the basin, and the tail end of the lifting dewaterer should be connected to the “S” or “P” type elbow.

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