Is the faucet safe and scalded?

Electric hot water faucet

uses electric energy to heat, and it is well known that electric energy plus water as a conductor will lead to the conduction of the faucet, there are potential safety hazards, resulting in the safety of electric hot water faucet. Actually, we can rest assured that the electric and hot water faucets on the market now have a set of fixed security measures for leakage prevention. Among them, optical ceramic technology is more common.

Its special material composition can reduce the loss of electric energy. More importantly, the electric and hot water faucet of optical ceramic technology will not cause leakage even in water. There are often leakage protection plugs, greatly improving the safety of electric and hot water faucets. Its principle of fast energy saving is that it uses special titanium and other corrosion-resistant high-strength magnetic materials to make chips, which make water heated instantaneously under the action of the high magnetic field. The tap can also adjust the power according to the flow rate to suit the water temperature supply needed in different seasons.

In order to avoid safety accidents, after installing the electric and hot water faucet, the handle is adjusted to the position of cold water, and then the main valve is opened. After seeing the water coming out of the hot water, the power supply is plugged in. In the later use process, the power plug need not be pulled out, nor need to be cleaned. It is double-layer isolation of water and electricity, withstanding voltage of more than 1500V, completely not afraid of “just in case” occurs. The main body grounding, the traditional electric imitation measures are also reliable protection measures. Dual anti-dry burning design fully ensures that only convective water heating is applied to the electric and hot water faucet. if you want buy kitchen faucets you can visit this page.

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