Maintenance Skills of Water Faucet

If it is a copper tap, to clean the electroplated surface, it can be scrubbed with boiling water and detergent, or it can be cleaned directly with some strong detergent to remove oil and dirt. The scale and rust on the faucet can only be wiped with a wet cloth or sponge dipped in a little special detergent, and then wiped with a clean cloth or washed with water. Dip in toothpaste with a soft-wool toothbrush or gently wipe with a clean cloth in toothpaste to remove scales and oil stains and make the faucet surface clean and bright.

Many people only pay attention to the surface of the faucet when they clean the faucet, but in fact, the inside of the faucet is more important. If the tap effluent decreases or the effluent bifurcates, it may be caused by the blockage of the former. The former can be removed and rinsed, and then reinstalled. Although chromium plating on faucets claims corrosion resistance and rust resistance, incorrect cleaning methods will still lead to abnormal wear and tear of faucets. So the tap cleaning also needs to pay attention to the following items! Do not wipe the faucet surface with hard objects such as wire balls, because the wire balls are very hard and easy to scratch the faucet surface. It’s better to use neutral detergent for cleaning. The detergent with strong acidity and alkalinity is not suitable for tap cleaning. After the tap is cleaned, the remaining water on the surface should be wiped with a dry non-hair-removable towel to avoid remaining water stains.

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