Sensor faucet purchase knowledge

1. The process of the faucet: no scratches on the appearance, chrome plating is good, brass casting, low-cost induction faucet in the chrome and weight of the faucet body, can not pass the 24-hour salt spray test, the weight is about 400 grams, The good induction faucet manufacturer controls the weight of the faucet to more than 500 grams, and can pass the 48-hour salt spray test, and the faucet has a long service life.

2. Whether the infrared sensing part adopts epoxy resin sealing or moisture proof treatment, the plug is waterproof plug, the line is controlled by low-power single-chip microcomputer, which has anti-interference ability to light, and does not malfunction; the sensing distance is adjustable by remote controller. Manual adjustment is easy to make the circuit board damp, the sensing distance becomes shorter, affecting normal use; the automatic adjustment distance technology is immature, the distance will be shorter due to color change, and the remote control makes the product more humanized.

3. the solenoid valve part has good waterproof performance, because it is installed under the basin for a long time, after the machine is damp, it will cause poor contact and make the machine not work; the minimum life of the solenoid valve should reach the industry implementation standard (more than 150,000 times).

4. try to choose qualified professional production of induction faucet manufacturers, because more than 90% of the sensor faucets of domestic professional sanitary ware factory are outsourcing processing, in terms of quality, after-sales and price is not satisfactory; domestic sensor faucet industry lacks brand and leadership Sex brands, many customers in the selection of sanitary wares related brands as the reference standard, mainly to recognize the sanitary ware brand, the pursuit of unity in the choice of brand, often lack of product accessories and professional services in the later maintenance.

5. after-sales service ability: Do not trust too much commitment to ensure that some manufacturers and businesses, in order to expand sales, promised 5 years of exemption, and attract customers’ attention at low prices, the company’s own development is less than two years, when it really appears The product quality problem or the product is charged with the maintenance fee when the product is over-guaranteeed, and the three-package policy related to the product is not fulfilled. The consumer rights of many users are not guaranteed.

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