What accessories do you need to pay attention to when buying faucets?

When consumers buy faucets, faucets confirmed correct, but also need to clean up accessories, generally speaking, basin faucets will contain lifting rods and faucet fixing accessories. If it is a bathtub faucet, there will be sprinklers, hoses, brackets and so on. When a single handle mixing faucet comes out, it will be equipped with the installation dimension map and the use instructions. Therefore, when consumers purchase products from faucet manufacturers, they should count the number of accessories to ensure that there is no missing.

If you buy a sprinkler kit, then there is no need for other accessories, and if you only buy a sprinkler, you need to buy hoses, lifting rods or fixtures, if you buy a hidden faucet, you need to configure the nozzle. basin faucets and kitchen faucets are generally installed on the table, so the intake pipe will have a hard pipe and hose, the length is generally about 35 centimeters, and purchase faucets need to pay attention to the purchase of triangular valves, the size should be determined according to the size of the intake pipe. When installing triangular valves, do not install too low to avoid insufficient length of intake pipe of faucet.

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