What are the characteristics of electric faucets?

1. high-grade electroplating fashion luxury: humanized kitchen and bathroom special design shape, classic elegance, outstanding beauty, highlighting extraordinary.

2. hot water is always ready to use: easy to open, 5 seconds is hot, 24 hours a day continuously, want to use.

3. hot and cold dual-use convenient and fast: water temperature with your free adjustment, water pressure spray type, Longkou water balance is powerful, hot water is more convenient, more warm.

4. intelligent temperature control over-temperature protection: reset type and fuse type dual temperature control system, intelligent thermal induction transfer temperature control, effectively achieve product safety and life and reduce after-sales service.

5. protective switch leakage self-control: current leakage, 0.1 second automatic trip to cut off the power supply, to protect the human body more secure.

6. water and electricity isolation is safe and reliable: unique internal structure design, the water flow space and the electrical system device are firmly separated.

7. high-pressure seal dripping water does not leak: DC internal passage, high-pressure sealing device, to prevent leakage.

8. High-efficiency heat pipe has a longer service life: high-quality heat-enhanced pipe, which has faster heat transfer and heat efficiency, and has a thermal efficiency of over 98.8%. It has more anti-pollution and anti-oxidation characteristics, and protects the service life of the heating pipe longer.

9. water is hot energy saving 30%: terminal water is hot, no preheating, no heat, no heat, no heat preservation four energy saving, not waste every point of power, overall energy saving 30%; no need to empty the pipeline cold water, each time Water saving 2.5-5L.

10. magnetized warm water healthy use: 100% fresh hot water, higher oxygen content, the use of magnetized warm water, healthier for the human body.

11. The casing is flame retardant and fireproof, and it is difficult to ignite with an open flame. Make sure users are safe to use.

12.has the appearance of the same ceramic than the United States.

13. Save electricity and save water.

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